Traveling Alone

Let’s take a trip!

I want to go everywhere. My biggest goal in life is to travel the world and take pictures of my adventures. And honestly, I’ve always wondered how I’m going to make that possible.

Money, people, weather, world-pandemics, who knows what can get in the way? But I’m afraid I won’t be bold enough to do it. I mean, COVID is one thing and nobody could have expected that.

But I want to make sure I am still living my life according to that goal and doing what I can to complete it. I am never happier than when I am traveling.

So why not go by myself?

Okay so there’s safety. There’s loneliness. There’s support. So much to consider when taking a trip by yourself. But after doing it, I can promise you, alone time can sometimes be exactly what you need. Especially while on a trip where you have only you to rely on and hang out with.

Hang out with yourself

I’ve made a post before about taking yourself on dates, but why not take yourself on a trip? If you’re the type of person who always has someone else around, see what happens when you are completely by yourself! Get uncomfortable, enjoy your own company, and learn about who you are when know one else is around.

I can’t preach this enough!

As far as safety..don’t be dumb. Do you research. Each city will be different, but just pay close attention to your surroundings. Make sure you have cell phone service. Don’t travel around at night. Maybe find someone in the area/from the area that can give you tips! Ask your Airbnb host or the hotel concierge the best routes (and even the best spots!). Stay safe, friends.

So now the question, where to go?

Oh so many places! Every trip is different. Car, bus, plane, boat? Where ever you end up, make a plan of different places you what to see and go. Or see where you end up. Enjoy the new experiences, chat with the locals (or just quietly eavesdrop), be kind, and enjoy a couple days away from your routine.

I highly recommend Pinetop, Arizona if you’ve never been! Small town, but filled with so much. Another thing you learn while traveling, each new places has a lot to offer. See below for my Pinetop suggestions!

A few of my favorites

  • Cyclelogical Coffee
  • Springs Trailhead
  • Willis Farm (during fall)
  • The House
  • The Gingerbread Cabin
  • Persnikitty’s Cafe

If you go, let me know! And feel free to message me on Instagram any questions or suggestions:

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Xo, Cheyenne

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