I ate healthy at Disney

Happy places call for happy food. So, what’s your happy food?

A few weeks ago, I went to Disneyland – one of the most sugar-filled, treats galore places in the country! And boy, did I want to indulge.

BUT! I was in the thick of Whole 30 (whole30.com), which is a restrictive diet that eliminates grains, sugar, dairy, oils, butter, legumes, and a few other things from your diet. The goal is to detox your body of foods most people can be sensitive to and focus on eating whole, healthy meals.

That means..

I couldn’t eat anything at Disney!

In case you didn’t know, everything at Disneyland has sugar. EVEN THE MEAT! So what I could eat was very limited. It wasn’t just about cutting back the churros, I had to prepare not to be able to eat most things and be very specific when I ordered.

So, what did I eat?

Well! I planned ahead. I brought a cooler with a BUNCH of snacks that I put in a cooler or brought in a backpack with me. Snacks posted at the end. And I also did my research. I made a reservation ahead of time at a few restaurants I could eat at and I made sure to put in the notes what my restrictions were.

  • Bengal Tiger in Disneyland (ask for no sauce! And the beef sticks)
  • Fruit carts all through out the Parks
  • Starbucks (you can get an iced coffee or cold brew!)
  • Cafe Orleans – make a reservation (I got the steak and potatoes and veggies, no sauce!)
  • Docking Bay 7 in Galaxy’s Edge – Chicken salad with no sauce, peanuts, or quinoa

So the key was planning ahead and bringing my own snacks.

The results?

I LOVED IT! Don’t get me wrong, I wanted that churro and it was tough being “that person” with my specific food orders, but let me tell you..

I felt so great! It was nice being at Disney and not feeling like crap. Usually I indulge in all the goodies and I end up feeling like crap after I got home. But this time, I ate healthy and I felt really good the whole time! My stomach and mind were happy. And I would say my energy levels increased greatly!

I have a whole post coming soon about Whole 30 and my experience with it, but I wanted to at least cover Disney and my experience with it.

In the end, I highly recommend trading that churro for some fruit, and just being conscious of what you eat when you are there. It is easy to just say “fuck it” and indulge, but the key is to not go too crazy! Definitely treat yourself, but find a balance. And trust me, you’ll feel A LOT better.

The snacks

Plus, there is so many delicious snacks to bring 🙂

  • That’s It fruit bars
  • Real fruit
  • Veggies
  • RX bars – the best!
  • Boiled eggs – yes I said that, but I love some eggs
  • Cooked chicken, deli meat (keep in cooler)
  • Bare Apple chips
  • Nuts – I love almonds
  • Sugar free dressing packets
  • Nut butter packets
  • Nut pods – perfect for coffee!
  • Cold brew

Would you eat healthy at Disney? Am I crazy?

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