Moving Through Failure

I’ll start off by saying, I’m a perfectionist. If I try something new, I want to be good at it right away and I’ll keep trying until it’s perfect.

Well, things aren’t always perfect. Even when we try really hard. And that’s okay. It’s not meant to be perfect. We are not meant to be perfect. We are meant to push ourselves, try things out, and see where the journey takes us.

Something New

This past weekend I went snowboarding for the first time. I was nervous, but excited to try something new! I’ve always been a clumsy person and I am not good at sports, but over the years I’ve worked out and gain muscle so I would say I’m a little more athletic now then I’ve ever been. So I had high hopes and I thought why not? Let’s try it.

THAT SHIT IS HARD! I tried it. After 3 hours of falling on my butt, getting back up, hitting my head, twisting my leg, I took a break and grabbed lunch. To say I was in a bad mood was an understatement. I was so mad at myself for not getting it and honestly you can only fall so many times before you just get frustrated.

I Hated It

After lunch, I tried again. I fell again, over and over. I was getting better but at this point I was exhausted. Another fall. And you know what I did? I started crying. Laying in the snow, in the middle of this bunny hill, I started crying like a little baby. Everything hurt. I couldn’t get it. My poor boyfriend had to stay behind and keep helping me. The emotions overwhelmed me.

So that’s it. After I stopped being a baby and picked myself up, we decided to head to downtown and get dinner, make the most of a crappy day.

Feeling Silly

I felt so silly! And uncool. I couldn’t snowboard, I had cried on the mountain, and overall I felt like a complete failure. But I realized I had learned something…I didn’t like snowboarding. Not, I’ve never done it and I was scared to try it. Not, I don’t think I’ll like that. I tried it, and I had learned it wasn’t the sport for me.

And I wanted to share that. Because I don’t regret trying it. I still feel really silly and I wish I was better at it. But, I tried it and I’m proud of putting myself out there.

We Don’t Have to Be Good at Everything, And We Certainly Don’t Have to Like Everything

My two cents? Try it. Try everything. Even if you suck, even if you hate it. Don’t hold yourself back from learning more about life and who you are. I am not a snowboarder and that’s okay.

I also think social media makes us feel like we have to be good at everything or we have to like all the cool activities that everyone is doing. At least, that’s how I felt. BUT YOU DON’T. And you don’t have to like everything you try, but least you tried it.

And as far as snowboarding goes, I recommend getting lessons first thing! It’s free if you pay full price and I think it really helps a lot if you seriously suck at that kind of thing.

More of Flagstaff

I still tried to make the most of my Flagstaff weekend trip, so here’s more photos of my adventures:

Are you afraid of trying new things? What’s something you’ve tried, but didn’t like?

xoxo, cheyenne