Feeling Off

Because 2020 is about being transparent, about being real, and not putting on a face for our online presence anymore

It’s Monday, January 20th, and I am feeling off. Right in the midst of motivational month of January and I am hitting a bump.

Still getting my workouts in and still trying to eat healthy, so why am I still feeling off?

Well here’s some of my solutions and maybe you’ll get something from them too:

  • Remember everyone feels off – it’s natural
  • Just keep going – it sucks to stay feeling stuck but at the end of the day you gotta get your daily shit done
  • Do things that make you happy – listen to that song that always makes you want too sing along, dance in your car, or watch your favorite Netflix show
  • Get off social – because when we are feeling off, social media and others happiness is not gonna help
  • Workout – boost those endorphins
  • Talk that ish out – we don’t always understand why until we are saying it out loud
  • Write that ish out – not a talker? Journal it out. What’s up, what’s different, what might be causing you to feel off. Even just trying to problem-solve can make you feel a little less off
  • Own it – we put this pressure on ourselves to be perfect, always motivated or having a great day, but that’s not realistic. Today’s an off day, accept it, give yourself a little break, and move on.

What do you think? Do you agree? Let me know what you do when you feel off

Xoxo, chey