Chase a Lifestyle

Hi friends!

Cheyenne here. I’ve heard multiple times this week a similar saying about the best way to accomplish your goals, and it has really inspired me. Something about several triggers popping up in my life around the same time makes it stick and I really focus in on it. Universe, are you trying to tell me something?

The advice?

CHASE A LIFESTYLE! Set systems in place so that the goals will take care of themselves ✨ Ed Mylett (@edmylett) said it in a podcast I was listening to yesterday and then my spin class instructor (@thekristinagirod) said it today in class and I think it’s waking me up to 2020.

Goals are hard. No matter who you are or what you do, setting goals for yourself means change and change is difficult. It’s painful, it’s uncomfortable, and that causes us to not fall through with them. BUT! If you are chasing not just the change but the process that will cause that change, it pushes you forward so much more.

It’s All About the Process

Chase the routine. Because that means your goals are so much more stable. You are not just trying to eat healthy, but you are following a meal plan. You are not just trying to workout more, you are following a schedule or have signed up for workout classes. The list goes on. There is purpose behind that and there’s a plan to follow in case you mess up. Because messing up is natural, but if the system is in place then you are much more likely to get back up and continue. And a lifestyle means long term, it means working at it everyday and you can think of your goals from a larger perspective. Which causes you to put the necessary work in. That means set a workout schedule, set a meal plan, set a system in place so that it is that much easier to accomplish your goals.

By the end, you will not only have change what you do, but who you are. Chase the lifestyle. Plus, I think that makes it a lot easier to tell if the lifestyle is for you. Because working out at 5 am isn’t for everyone and if you are focusing on it as a lifestyle then you are thinking more long term and focusing on who you want to be.

My system I’m setting in place:

  • ✅ Flo Yoga and Cycle (@floyogacycle) classes – you are required to sign up and it holds me accountable
  • ✅ weight training – I set specific dates and times in my calendar 3x a week. And I have a meeting with Allie Miller (@alliemillerfitness) for training!
  • ✅ meditation – yoga at Flo and setting a reminder in my phone for daily check-ins with myself
  • ✅ healthy eating – trying Whole 30 (@whole30) and resetting my eating habits. And I have an appointment with a nutritionist (@sammypetersonrd) to take charge of my health!
  • ✅ staying on budget – working with a financial advisor (@hersliceofthecake) and logging my purchases weekly in a notebook
  • ✅ grow my business (@hustlehunniesaz) – working with amazing ladies who are helping me make this a strong community!

Thank you Universe for all the inspiration this week. I highly recommend checking out Flo Yoga and Cycle in downtown Chandler! Super motivational, they kick you butt and hold you accountable.

I’m getting excited for this year! What’s one of your systems for 2020? ⬇️

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