All Things Local: Phoenix Flea

On this blog I try to highlight “all things local” and shout out local businesses or events that I am in love with. As a photographer I believe it’s incredibly important to shop small and support local. Plus I usually love those stuff more!

Phoenix Flea Fall 2019

So at the end of November, Phoenix had one of their biggest markets of the season. Phoenix Flea is a huge flea market and small business shopping event in downtown Phoenix at Heritage Square Park. With over 50+ vendors, businesses come from all over to sell at Phoenix Flea and the customers are just as excited as the vendors.

Vendors Vs. Customers

This year, I had the pleasure of experiencing it from behind the table, as well as a customer. For the day I was helping out the amazing Abbie Paulhus, an illustrator with some fun art prints, shirts, pins, and greeting cards. Be sure to check out her website for more! Her stuff is adorable and perfect addition to your wall.

Let’s just say I had so much fun working at Phoenix Flea! I hope to help out Abbie more when she is in the Valley. IT WAS PACKED! For about 4 hours it was non-stop customers so you could say it was pretty busy. It is clearly an amazing selling location for all the vendors there.

As a customer, I only had so much time to search, but I felt it had so much to offer and so many different businesses to buy from! And the perfect place for Christmas shopping.

What I Bought:

The Best Part: food and coffee

Other favorites:

To end the night, I stayed in Downtown Phoenix and had dinner at Welcome Diner (my new favorite spot!) Overall, Phoenix Flea is one of my favorite markets of the season and I plan to go every time! Catch the next one in Spring 2020 (it happens twice a year!).

Want to check out what I got last time? Check out my blog post on my experience at Phoenix Flea earlier this year! Linked here.

Who has been? Do you like supporting local?

xoxo Cheyenne

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