Taking time for yourself #selfcaresunday

Earlier this year, I had a fun photoshoot with my friend Katie, from Page Nine Co, and I never ended up posting the pictures! Well, here ya go! A little #selfcaresunday for you on a Tuesday afternoon because self care is always important and these pictures are amazing. (Don’t worry I was wearing a swimsuit!)

I wanted to do a post about my favorite self care products. I actually don’t take a lot of baths, but I try to practice self care everyday. Because, even just the smallest things can improve your physical and mental health.

My favorite way to practice self care:


What I do..MASK!

My Favorite Masks

Okay I can’t even express my love for these masks. I honestly highly recommend any mask from Lush, because they are all amazing, but these are two I constantly come back to.

Cup of Coffee – Smells exactly as it says and it is my favorite way to wake up! It looks like poop, but the best kind of poop! I would say just be gentle with this one! Coffee grounds are pretty rough for your facial skin so if you are sensitive just use it sparingly and don’t be scrubbing in too hard. Or it makes an amazing body scrub!

Mask of Magnaminty – The one I am wearing in these pictures! Seriously like a Thin Mint and perfect for waking up or winding down. And as you can see, it’s a beautiful mint color! Again this has a rough scrub texture so just be gentle.


Some other great products


Happy Self Care, friends!


THANK YOU TO Page Nine Co for the pictures! Check out her blog for even more amazing life content 🙂

What are your favorite self care products?



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