All Things Local: Worth Takeaway

Quality Over Quantity

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I have an obsession with Worth Takeaway, a small business, sandwich shop in downtown Mesa, Arizona.

This little shop is Mesa’s hidden gem. It’s worth a 40 minute drive (about how far it is from me) and once you go, you want to come back. Not only is the people who work there beyond friendly and authentic, but the food quality speaks for itself. It’s delicious and everything they make comes out amazing.

My favorite thing about them is that you can tell them put time into each part of their business. It’s not just food to feed you, it’s some food to make you smile and eat with a group of your buddies on sunny day. It’s good-feeling food.

“Did we just become best friends?”

Worth Takeaway

Order this

My go-to order there is the crispy chicken on a salad. Any sandwich they can usually put on greens or put with sweet potatoes. Love a healthy option! Their homemade chips are also my favorite, with their cranberry lime jam (you have to ask for it, but it’s amazing).

Be sure to check out their Instagram to follow along on all the delicious-ness @worthtakeaway

The Best Part

The events and specialty items! Thinking about trying out worth? Check out their Instagram or website to see if they are doing any fun specials. BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU, those are the best. Plus it’s always fun trying something new that is “limited edition.”

As for the events, Worth Takeaway doesn’t mess around. This past week for Halloween, their entire restaurant went into costume as Jim Bob’s Burgers (@jimbobsburgers) and I am talking about even to the furniture! The whole restaurant and menu turned into a scene from Bob’s Burgers, the popular animated show. And since the owner’s name is Jim Bob, it is the perfect play on words. If you haven’t been, mark it in your calendar for next year. THE BURGERS ARE AMAZING! (I went 3 times in 2 days.)

Join their mailing list to get information on their specials and events ahead of time! Email

Have you been?

Let me know if you have been! If so, what did you get? If you haven’t experienced the amaziness of Worth Takeaway, be sure to check it out next time you are in downtown Mesa! Better yet, go check out this Saturday after the Mesa Farmers Market right down the street. Grab some local produce and then a delicious breakfast sammy from Worth – I’ve heard it’s amazing 😉

Photoshoot Time

Scroll for some fun photoshoots I have done at Worth! Did I mention the shop is super cute? Aesthetics on point.



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