October Reflection

The Good

  • coffee
  • market days
  • morning hikes

I swear, even on the bad months I love the community of people that I have surrounded myself with. The amazing coffee shop I go to has the most comforting environment and my favorite restaurant in filled with the nicest people. I love my market mornings at the Mesa Farmers Market, where I can do yoga and relax in the cool October weather (kinda). And I plan to do more hikes! The nature in Arizona never ceases to amaze me.

The Bad

  • low energy
  • bad nutrition
  • emotional rollercoaster

Do you ever feel like your back in the same place you started? Like you tried so hard and you got so far, but somehow you end up back here. This month hit me hard. A lot of emotional events that caused me to slack on my goals and I have been reflecting a lot lately. Where I am and where I need to go.

What Next?

  • choosing healthy
  • research for some fun upcoming projects
  • morning routine

It’s the last 2 months of 2019 and I wanna make them count! I plan to really nail down my nutrition and start choosing better options for my mental health as well. This is all about restoring and getting better each day, one day at a time!

What is your October Reflection? Share your goals, inspiration, and everything in between. We are in this together!



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