My New Years Intentions 2019

Happy New Year friends!

For my first post of the year I wanted to share my new years resolutions with you! But I didn’t want to just call them resolutions. They are my intentions. They have purpose behind them and I want to use that to remind myself each day why I made them. I am not a completely new person today then I was on December 31st, but I love to use the motivational kick of the new year to push myself closer to the person I want to be.

So here’s just a few things I hope to grow towards in this new adventure of 2019:

  • Drink more water – so many benefits!
  • Workout weekly – already started this šŸ™‚
  • Set a budget each month – need to get a real savings going
  • Be more waste conscious – hopefully! The way we are treating our planet is just horrible.
  • Focus on mental health once a week – meditate, journal, something to help me relax my mind and take a moment to myself in the busy days
  • More yoga – I always say this, so we will see
  • Compare myself only to my past self and focus on who I want my future self to be – a motto for the year!
  • Establish  routines – so I don’t feel so chaotic in the mornings
  • Practice self love everyday – because self love is amazing
  • Build a photo business – gonna be official!
  • Read 10 books – I want to read more! I use to read so much as a kid.
  • Travel to 5 new places – Less traveling this last year, but there’s still so much to see!
  • Do more things with purposeful intention – relating to how I want to pursue these goals
  • Start a podcast – kind of an out there one, but I think this would be so fun!
  • Grow presence online – let’s get connected! I want to collaborate with more influencers šŸ™‚

Also, here is just a fun little new years shoot I did:

What are some of your New Years goals??

Love, Cheyenne

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