Peixoto Coffee’s New Fall Menu

Well I’m back!


And with more Peixoto (Pay-Sho-To) Coffee love! So today, they released their fall menu and you could say I was a little excited! They were sneak peeking the drinks all week on their Instagram (@peixotocoffee) and I had to go as soon as they released to try them out!

Today I tried the Caramelo Latte with coconut milk! It wasn’t completely dairy-free with the caramel but Peixoto is really accommodating with dietary restrictions!

Let’s just say delicious! I plan to come back more this weekend to try them all out 🙂

The whole menu includes:

  • Preto (Black) Latte
  • Dourado (Golden) Latte
  • Spiced Caramelo Latte
  • Ciders (Spiced Apple Cidar)
  • CHA Gelado (Iced Tea)

That’s the great thing about Peixoto! They offer all different kinds of drinks so you can find something to drink even if you don’t like coffee! They also have delicious pastries from local places around AZ! Support local shops! Yay 🙂

Also! I was rocking my Dressed in Lala sparkly shoes today and just had to give a shoutout to this amazing clothing company ❤ Be sure to check it out! Just ordered a rainbow sweater from there!

Are you gonna try the new menu?? What are you most excited for?

With Love,



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