My First Music Festival


August 2-3, 2018


Hey guys!

Earlier this month I went to my first music festival EVER and I figured better to go big or go home! So… I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois. For those of you that don’t know Lollapalooza, or Lolla, is a huge festival that happens every year in Chicago and other parts of the world. Featuring all types of music like EDM (electronic dance music), popular hits, alternative, and more, it’s a place where you can pay to see a bunch of your favorite artists all over the course of 4 days! There is also a ton of picture opportunities, boutiques, and delicious, Chicago food vendors.  I was ecstatic, to say the least.

How was it??

Here are some of my pictures from the first 2 days! We only went on day 1 and 2, but you can buy a 4-day pass if you want to go the whole weekend. Scroll to the end to find out what I loved and learned from my first festival 🙂

Day 1

Welcome to Lolla!

On the first day, I got to see All Time Low, Lany, Khalid, Arctic Monkeys, and Galantis!

Day 2

Reppin’ my new Lolla gear the second day!

Second day was Welshly Arms, Lauv, James Bay, Post Malone, and Dillon Francis

It was packed for Post Malone!

Literally body to body people…check out the wide view here! I was in that O_o

He was my favorite!

Things I Loved and Learned

  • If you can, don’t bring a bag! The first day it took us 2 hours to get in..and it was hot. If you don’t have a bag, the line goes much faster. If you have to, then get there early and the lines are as long.
  • Speaking of hot, bring a water bottle! I ended up attaching mine to my belt so I didn’t have to carry it, but I was so thankful for it. There are water refill stations so you don’t have to pay for water and its important to stay hydrated. Even on a cool day, people were passing out because of how clustered the crowds can get!
  • And as for drugs…I am all for it being up to you if you do them, but I saw a ton of people passed out, puking, or in a bad situation because they did something they couldn’t handle. Lolla has a bad rep for having drugs that are laced with stuff..Just keep in mind your safety and enjoy yourself!
  • You have to wait hours to get a good spot, but it might be worth it. As you guys saw I was really close for Post Malone and I had to wait 2 hours to get that close. My feet hurt and it was hot, but so worth it! Plus I loved being in the crowd.
  • A festival is what you make it! You can go and get a ton of cute pics and eat amazing food, you can get deep in the crowd and party your heart out, or you can take it easy and sit in the back while you enjoy a little of everything. It’s totally up to you!
  • Lolla is for everyone! I saw teenagers to older generations and everything in-between. All of us just rocking out hearts out 🙂
  • Wear comfy shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty! If that wasn’t obvious.
  • You can look cute, but be prepared to sweat if you are in the crowd.
  • Have fun with it! I put glitter tattoos on my face from Mr. Kate to spice up my look and I loved it ❤ Super simple and I got a ton of compliments
  • Be ready to spend money! Trust me, you’ll spend more than you think (LOL at my bank account rn)

Have you guys been to a festival? Would you go? Let me know what you think! I definitely want to go back again next year.


Thank you Lolla!

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