Take me back to the Bahamas


July 5-9th, 2018


Day 1: Cruisin’

  • fly to florida
  • getting on the ship
  • so much ocean


Day 2: Nassau and Atlantis Resort

  • the leap of faith
  • beaching
  • all the Ben and Jerry’s

Day 3: Cococay

  • snorkeling
  • parasailing
  • hair braiding and fruity drinks

My Favorite Things

  • walking along the deck at night
  • watching the sunset
  • dinner in the fancy dining area
  • our balcony
  • parasailing
  • laying on the beach
**find these as phone wallpapers on my Instagram story 🙂

What I Learned

  • you don’t need a passport to go on a cruise
  • you won’t need as much stuff as you think you do
  • don’t get the expensive drink package if you are gonna be gone on the excursion all day
  • the wifi package ain’t worth it, turn off your phone (unless you meet a cute guy/girl and wanna be able to text them LOL)
  • watch your spending, everything is charged to your credit card and shit adds up fast
  • leave yourself time to eat
  • anything you want to do, do it – it’s worth it
  • a cruise is an amazing, culturally diverse atmosphere
  • if you can, get a room with a balcony – trust me


Are you thinking of going to the Bahamas? I highly recommend it! You’ll get tan (or burned, in my case) and it’s a one-time-only, unique experience!


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