23 Favorite Things at 23

ibrahim-boran-575994-unsplashPhoto by: @ibrahimboran


It’s my 23rd birthday! Any other Cancers out there?

Here are 23 things I am loving right now at 23:

  1. Podcasts – Kalyn’s Coffee Talk, Joe Santagato’s The Basement Yard, LadyGang, and Jenna and Julien are my favorites
  2. Airpods – For all my podcast and music needs – expensive, but damn so worth it!
  3. Peixoto Coffee – check out my AZ coffee shop post here
  4. Glossier – my favorite skincare brand
  5. Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Scrub –  great for exfoliating and if you get waxed!
  6. Waxing – as said above, I just recently started getting my eyebrows and downthere hair waxed and I am loving it – less to worry about! If you are in AZ check out Erika at Glam Studios 🙂
  7. This bag – Luca and Grae is my favorite brand
  8. Dressed in Lala – where my dress is from in the pictures below!
  9. My beautiful camera – full frame all the way
  10. Astrology – cliche I know, but honestly it’s scary how accurate it is sometimes
  11. This girl – an inspiration in the blog world and an overall badass
  12. Pure Protein Bars – that chocolate deluxe though..
  13. Game of Thrones or The Handmaids Tale – all time favorite shows
  14. Lightroom – my savior and favorite editing application
  15. Julien Solomita videos – probably my favorite vlogger/creator
  16. Any cheesy romance movie on Netflix
  17. This planner – it’s definitely a cool approach to getting shit done
  18. Creative Market – such cute fonts and more to your inbox every Monday!
  19. Senita Athletics – a local AZ brand with comfy workout gear and cute prints! I have my eye on the new palm collection
  20. Anotherly – a daily newsletter about happy shit
  21. Candidly Keri wallpapers – really cool designs and helpful content in general
  22. Khalid – so excited to see him at Lollapalooza in August!
  23. My tattoo – obsessed with it and the meaning 🙂 if you’re local, check out Dame of the West Tattoo! Shall I get another for Friday the 13th?

What are you loving right now??

Let me know 🙂 And check out more of my birthday photos from the fabulous Tara T Photography:


Donut earrings for my birthday, of course 🙂


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