39 hours in San Diego


I went on another trip!

This one was a spontaneous road trip with some friends to San Diego, California (more the La Jolla area) for the weekend. We got there late Friday night and left Sunday evening. So a quick trip filled with so many amazing memories!


Food places to go in La Jolla

  • Grater Grilled Cheese Shop


  • Seaside Smoothie and Juice


  • The Taco Stand


  • Shorehouse Kitchen

  • Bobboi Natural Gelato

  • Puesto – another delicious taco shop!

  • Coffee at Black Rock

Things to do in La Jolla

  • Birch Aquarium

  • Beach at Sunset – my favorite part of the trip!

  • Shopping

Outfit: Shirt // Jeans // Shoes

  • Mornings on the beach

  • La Jolla Cove

Some Tips

  1. The Holiday Inn Hotel in La Jolla had amazing deals and it is like a 10 minute walk from the beach! We were able to get up and go straight to the beach both mornings and I definitely plan to stay there again.
  2. Go to the Windandsea beach at sunset! It’s absolutely beautiful and all the surfers are out at that time so it’s all just a really cool view. If you can, buy a sitting wind tent to relax in.
  3. Bring a camera! Seriously there is beautiful moments to capture at every turn.


I still miss being there so much and I can’t wait to go back! Have you ever been to San Diego or La Jolla?? What do you like most about it or where are some places you want to check out if you go?


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