A Day in Havana, Illinois

I went to Illinois this weekend to visit family. Here’s my adventure diary from it.


Flight: Arizona to Illinois

It was a cloudy day. Anyone else obsessed with the window seat because it always looks so pretty?


Airplane Essentials: comfy shoes, cute shirt, my Hydroflask, and a good book

These shoes are adorable and I am obsessed with them! Only available at DSW.


Dandelion Day

The weather was amazing this day and I found some dandelions so I was in complete bliss.




And we found some Robin’s eggs! How beautiful!


Ending With: The Best Ice Cream In The World

Peaches is a small town ice cream place that serves the best ice cream in the world. Are you ready? They serve LEMON ICE CREAM. It sounds like a weird flavor, but it’s sweet and delicious and everyone I know who’s tried it loves it. I had to stop while I was in Havana, Illinois (my mom’s hometown).


Have any of you been to Illinois? What’s your place you’ve been to?

If you want more travel diaries let me know below! I have some fun trips planned in the future.

And if you like this, be sure to check out my Kansas City Travel Diary!

That’s all for now,






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