All Things Local: PHX Night Market

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to the Phoenix Night Market in Downtown Phoenix, AZ – if you don’t know what this is, it’s like a new Asian-inspired night market filled with amazing food, drinks, music, and local shops. Here’s my review!



Seriously, everything smelled amazing. Some of the best food you will ever eat: sushi burritos, poke bowls, boba drinks, noodle bowls, and another amazing dishes. I got the delicious sushi burrito wrapped in Hot Cheetos. Yes, you read that right. AMAZING.

Sushi Burrito from @pokitrition
Red Bull and Sake mix drink from @cobraarcadebar


Um, I found the cutest store, Cote and Company. It’s a boutique in a bus! How clever! They had a very vintage feel – selling some clothes, local skincare, leather bags, vintage items, and more. You can follow them @coteandcobus


I bought this pin all about SELF LOVE. In case you didn’t know, I love myself a latte! The brand is Drop The Label Movement and their slogan is “Who you are is more important than the size you wear” – LOVE! You can find more of their amazing, self love goodies on their Etsy! Or follow them @dropthelabelmovement



Overall, the Market was amazing – great food and a perfect way to find some unique stores/restaurants. Best for bringing your friends, date, or dogs to on a Saturday night out. The one downside was the crowd. There was at least 200 people if not more there and it made getting anywhere very difficult. You had to squeeze between several bodies just to make it to another section and almost everything you ordered had a 30 minute wait. It all ended up being worth it, but those are good things to note!

Photo by Suzy de Keizer

Would you want to go to the Phoenix Night Market? What are your thoughts? Let me know! Check out more about the Night Market at their website:

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*Unless otherwise stated, all photos are mine. Check out more on my Instagram @wendtsomewhere 🙂

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