All Things Local: Mezona Market


This past weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Mezona Market in Downtown Mesa, AZ. Mezona Market is a boutique and bakery that sells all kind of local goodies. From stickers, jewelry, and trinkets to fitness wear, clothes, and delicious cookies, it has everything you may need. And the best part, anything you buy helps support local businesses. It’s a great stop for some gift buying, a nice Saturday shopping day, or if you just need to find something unique.



Adorable stickers from: Jar of Buttons! Mezona Market is a great place to support small businesses and find exactly what you are looking for, maybe more.

When I visited, this adorable sports bra from Senita stuck out to me. I mean, come on, a cactus print! How cute! They also had a cute pair of black leggings that I wanted to pair with it. The price was reasonable, the quality seemed amazing, and they have pockets for your phone: sold! I am excited to try these out.

There was also some really cute cookies from Sweet Cakes Cafe! I bought this one shape like the state of Arizona, of course. It was delicious. I have my eye on that giant chocolate chip cookie for next time!


Coffee and local goodies in hand – it was a great day! Have any of you been to Mezona Market? Let me know what you think! Be sure to check out them out at!

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